We are the major ferroalloys producer in the GCC region, representing more than 85% of total ferroalloys production in GCC, ranking Saudi Arabia globally as 15th largest producer of SilicomanganeseChallenge

High quality products catered for steel producers.Automated

A capacity that can serve the GCC region’s demand for Ferroalloys.Precision

State of the art machinery, equipment and factory design designed and built by a tier-A manufacturers.Precision

Our vision

Our vision is to sustain as a reliable consistent high quality producer that creates national security for local Steel industries...

Our mission

Sabayek was founded to last on the base of striving to develop, commit and honor a delightful partnership with its customers.

Our Values

We are proudly delivering quality material exceeding customer’s expectations creating the foundations of long-term trust ...


Our company strategy is concerned of delicately caring about our clients, carefully looking at their needs developing our product ...