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As part of our periodical practice, we are currently in the process of short listing new approved suppliers of our raw material.
Please keep in mind that we are not a one-time buyer, we aim at building relationships with our suppliers who are able to demonstrate their continuous support to our business. Our process involves having a standard procurement committee that consistently revues and evaluates performance of our suppliers and takes the procurement decisions.

The approved supplier should be able to demonstrate the following :

1- Capacity to provide the approved material.
2- Ability to provide required quantities at required times.
3- Capacity to arrange and organize multiple shipments for different raw materials
4- Provide consistently competitive prices.
5- Continuously commits to quality being supplied

The approved material should be :

1- Passes our technical specifications standards.
2- Have been tested in our production and passed our production standards

For the material to pass our technical specification standards

1- The commodity should be accepted by our standard specifications  in terms of sizes and chemical structure.
2- A sample should be sent to us for laboratory for testing

For the material to pass our production standards, a trial batch should be sent to us for trial purposes.


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